How it Works

This free planning tool was designed to help contractors and others responsible for job-site safety develop a written exposure control plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect workers and others on their job sites.  You do not need to register to use this tool to create a plan.  If you do not register or login, you still will be able to create a plan that can be saved as a PDF, emailed and/or printed. Users who would like to confidentially save the plans they create in a format that can be retrieved, edited, renamed and reused at a later date are given the option to register.  Only the registered user has access to their saved plans. 

All plans are automatically named "New Plan".  If you want to change the name, at the top of the page you can click "CLICK HERE TO CHANGE PLAN NAME".  Once you change the name, remember to click "SAVE".
There are four key steps to follow to create a COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan for your projects. Throughout the steps there are blue icons (“i”) with additional information, such as a definition of the control measure and a link to related information in the COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse. As you complete each step, the information is automatically placed in what will become your final plan.
Step 1: Identify where your employees could be exposed to COVID-19 and the control measures that will be used to protect them and prevent exposure.  As you select a risk category, such as “Airborne Exposures Outdoors – General Work Areas”, a list of control measures will appear.  You can select multiple risk categories and multiple controls for each risk.  For each risk category additional space is provided, which you can use to keep track of details on how the controls will be used to address the risk.  For example, this space could be used to describe the location on the job where the risk will be present and how the controls will be implemented.  

Step 2: Identify the procedures for screening employees and dealing with sick or exposed workers.

Step 3: Identify how, when, and what training you will provide. 

Step 4: Complete Your Plan. This final step includes prompts and space for other information to consider including in your plan, such as your company name, the person who prepared the plan, who will serve as the COVID-19 Officer responsible for implementing it, and other actions you plan to take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the job site.

Get Your Plan.  At the end of step 4, you will be prompted to “Get Your Plan.” Before you do that, you will have the option at each step to go back, review and modify your entries. When you click on the green box to “Get Your Plan”, a complete plan will appear that reflects the information you entered in Steps 1 through 4. At this point, you will have the option to print, email or save a PDF of your plan.  If you registered, you will have the option to confidentially save your plan to retrieve or edit at a later date.